Presentation making, creative thinking and strategic visionning

Alese Klemens

Alese Klemens

Before learning about the strategic visioning plan for Dr. Papakie’s class, I came prepared for a presentation making class full of writing speeches and delivering them to my classmates. When Dr. Papakie told us about the strategic visioning plan, I didn’t know how or if a group of undergraduate students would be able to influence the university the way we are. I wasn’t even sure I was prepared to lead a group discussion with a bunch of strangers.

After a few rounds of facilitating different groups, I’m beginning to see how our efforts are coming together. Collectively as a class, we have spoken to fellow students, staff and faculty members and alumni. It’s so interesting to see how all of their opinions differ, to find out what IUP means to them and what they want to see from this university. Participating in these groups has allowed me to work as both a process monitor and a scribe. I have yet to facilitate but look forward to eventually leading a focus group. In addition to facilitating and contributing to the blog, I enjoyed participating with different groups on and around campus including brainstorming for the Crimson Court Townhouses, IUP Homecoming T-shirts and the group discussion with President Dr. Driscoll.
– Alese Klemens


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