The Pride of SVP

I’m grateful to be part of the Strategic Visioning Project because I now have the opportunity to affect the future of IUP. We’ve been receiving some good recommendations from the individuals (students, graduates, etc.) that we’ve been interviewing.

At this point, I’ve facilitated one group and acted as process monitor for two other groups. Hearing the feedback, cares and concerns of the people involved is motivating. It helps put a face to IUP, rather than thinking of it as simply an institution. IUP is the students, professors and faculty that makes it a place you want be at.

The idea that the president of the university would give some control of this project over to undergraduate students is huge. That sort of responsibility is typically reserved for seasoned professionals, and I can’t say how proud I feel that we have the chance to work on this. More students should be given the chance to make these kinds of changes to their school. It would help foster school spirit and a sense of connection with their institution.

I hope years from now, when I visit IUP, I can see changes that this project has helped bring about.

-Jeremy Hartley


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