Bye Bye Syllabus!


Junene Taylor

I could say that I was thrilled when Dr. Papakie announced that she was tossing out our Presentation Making syllabus in order for us to gain “real world experience” with an exciting new project. I could go on for days talking about how I was overflowing with excitement and couldn’t wait to dive in head first and tackle the Strategic Visioning Project with President Driscoll. I absolutely could say these things, but if I did then I would be lying.

Instead of enthusiasm, I was filled with trepidation. Or should I say panic? Everything in me wanted to bolt from the room and run home and hide under the bed for the rest of the semester. As much as I wanted to do that, I didn’t.  Instead, I asked questions, took notes and allowed myself to be immersed in the possibility that asking IUP Publics about their view on our university wouldn’t be a disaster.

And a disaster it hasn’t been.

We have received priceless feedback from students, faculty, and the community as a whole. During facilitations I’ve had the chance to have many jobs! When taking notes, I am a secretary; at times I feel I am pulling teeth, so I also get to be a dentist.

I signed up for this course to get better at public speaking and step out of my comfort zone. Well I’ve been shoved out of my comfort zone. Representing the university as an undergrad on this project has done that for me. Standing before a group of strangers on behalf of my university, department and President Driscoll is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I am thankful for.

More teachers should toss out their syllabi!

-Junene Taylor


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