What Are Your Thoughts?

Allison Scrudato

Allison Scrudato

We have spoken to many people, among them being: students, professors, faculty, and community members. Their input about IUP and their ideas on how to make this a better university have really helped the strategic visioning plan move in the right direction.  All of the people who have contributed to the discussions and brainstorming have had extremely well thought-out ideas and insight. We are sure that the information we have gathered will make a positive impact at IUP and the Indiana community that surrounds the campus.

I have facilitated on numerous occasions, all of the information I have received I would consider very valuable to the growth of IUP. The work we accomplished in the class before starting this strategic plan has helped us be able to carry on these discussions. We are also able to make sure everyone in the conversation is contributing, by reading body language, which we were taught how to do in class as well.

As a class we have also contributed to the effort in creating a clean Homecoming T-Shirt contest, and to the new Crimson Court Townhouses campaign.

-Allison Scrudato


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