My Voice Works

Caleb Murphy

Caleb Murphy

I lost my voice around age 12 and didn’t get it back until around age 17. People used to call me “the forgotten brother” of my family because I was so quiet.

The truth is that I just stopped talking when I hit that awkward age of puberty. Getting my voice back was a slow process.

So the minute I signed up for Dr. Papakie’s Presentation Making class, I began to dread it. I knew that speaking, especially to more than a couple people, was not in my toolbox of skills. But I knew the class would be good for me. And I was right.

Now that I’ve thrown myself to the lions by leading group discussions and speaking with small groups, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve been learning how to think in terms of public relations and facilitate group conversations, among other things.

As a member of the Strategic Visioning Team, I’m learning how to use my skills and my vocal cords to help the university by furthering this project, as well as helping my career.

Caleb Murphy


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