I’m sorry, we’re doing what now?!

I’m the world’s most unorganized person. I can admit that and even wear the honor proudly. My mind wanders, I forget things easily and I have no idea why I’m talking 95% of the time. Don’t let that scare you, just keep with me.

When I signed up for Michele’s class, I am sure she thought this was my forte. Truth be told, as obnoxious and “out there” as I am, public speaking- being the sole center of attention- terrifies me almost as much as clowns. Almost. My first speech almost ended with me in tears. Not because I was upset about the topic, but because I looked up and I had 20 something people in my department staring at me. Outside the classroom, I am not afraid to be loud or voice my opinion, but inside I am a back corner spectator. Usually.

The day I walked in to Class and Michele informed us that the syllabus was gone, I was ready to withdrawal. I thought “I cannot do this, it’s way too important, and I just cant.” I even decided that I was going to coast as a process manager because in my head, that was the easiest job.

The day I decided I was in love with this project was the day I first facilitated, I had volunteered for a 9am journalism 105 class, and being the person I am, woke up with 15 minutes to get there. I threw on a sundress and boots and ran out of my house to see the snow that was falling to the ground. No time to change, I ran- literally ran- to Davis Hall. The group went so smoothly. I was so happy when with myself when I finished and knew I was in the right class.

This is both one of the most remarkable and scariest opportunities I have been given this year. I am so excited to see where it goes clear into the fall. I get more excited about this class than anything else, which for me isn’t normal. Week by week, as the time for the semester fades, I’m just glad we get to be on board. This is truly an amazing experience.

-Hailey Crowley


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