I Don’t Really Like Public Relations


Jake Williams

I will admit that when I started this project, I was awfully reluctant to get involved.

I was initially nervous about a potential lack of student involvement and lack of contributions to the actual truth of what IUP represented, yet I knew that by being involved on my own, I could guarantee that the truth was getting out.

What did strike me as exciting about this project was the idea of crafting an image of IUP that was better than the one I left behind. IUP is a place of great opportunity, and I believe that now is a crucial time to ensure that the values and things that IUP has come to represent in the past few years continue to exist as the university moves forward into the future.

I believe that it has been important to recognize that IUP is not the best place ever, but rather a place that is continually changing and continually growing. It’s important to remember that there is always work to be done.

And that is why the Strategic Visioning Project is so incredibly important. By the president reaching out to the students in order to gain some sort of student involvement, a bridge between administration and students was made.

That bridge should be the basis of the strategic visioning for the university, not just a part of it.

Through my involvement in the project, I set up the blog that my fellow classmates are contributing to. I believed, along with Dr. Papakie, that the student involvement and student reflection was important to capture as we moved forward with the project.

I also worked as a scribe for the first in-class facilitation, and helped to organize and set up the event in the fourth floor of Davis Hall.

In addition to setting up the blog and contributing to in-class facilitation, I also provided in-class contribution to our think-tank PR days. I provided written and oral contributions to ideas about a potential t-shirt contest through the Center for Student Life and how to increase tenants for Crimson Court Townhomes.

The project is not over yet, which means that there is still work to be done. It’s important for us as a class and as students to continue to contribute to the shaping of a vision for this university moving forward.

– Jake Williams


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