Unexpected Opportunity.

Sara Coons

Sara Coons

In the Fall, when I signed up for Dr. Papakie’s Presentation Making class I was anticipating a class full of presentations and speeches given to other peers to help gain feedback and practice speaking skills. With the Spring semester wrapping up and the class almost coming to an end I can look back and say that what was actually given to me was an unexpected opportunity to do something great and leave a footprint on the future of IUP.

Through the many rolls played in conducting a focus group as an undergraduate you are given an opportunity to put your skills to test. You are put in a “real” situation where you are made to think on your feet and know first hand your audience’s feedback. Not necessary about your speaking abilities, as it would have been if normal class was conducted, but in fact feedback as to what you are speaking to your audience.

I have learned a lot about not only myself through this wonderful opportunity but I have also discovered for myself is that it is ideas and projects like this that makes IUP distinctive. This unexpected opportunity is one that I can take with me and learn from and for that I am grateful.

-Sara Coons


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