Your Opinion Matters!

Kelly Dumrauf

Kelly Dumrauf

When I first signed up for Dr. Papakie’s presentation making class, I had no idea it would be all about public speaking. On day one, she handed us a syllabus with a list of all the speeches we would be making (in front of the entire class)! To say I was nervous, was an understatement.

Then, not that far into the semester, she comes in (very excited) and tells us she’s throwing out the entire syllabus to dive head first into a new project. I was definitely not upset about forgoing all of those speeches.

When Dr. Driscoll came to class to explain to us what he saw as the future of the university, the project got even more exciting. Right now, all of us have the chance to change the future for IUP. The future for its students, faculty, staff, alumni and everyone with a connection to the university. We’ve had the chance to interview students, faculty, staff and community members to get their ideas and perspectives and it has really been eye-opening.

As we progress in the project, I hope that we can come up with a solid vision for the future of IUP and can look back on this years from now and be proud of what we accomplished.

-Kelly Dumrauf


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