Encouragement, Willingness and Recognition

As an IUP legacy and a graduating senior, it thrills me to see the excitement on our new president’s face when expressing his hopes for our university.

IUP may not be a well-known university outside of the tri-state area.  It may not have the best reputation.

But, we are working on changing these perceptions.

Throughout the semester, I have been skeptical of this project.  It seemed too big for us to handle.  It seemed too abstract.  It seemed too unorganized.  Why would anyone take us as undergraduates seriously?  Especially IUP students.

Soon, I realized just how big it really was.  How difficult it would be.  How much we, as a class, had to achieve in just a few short weeks.

However, I also realized how much we would learn.  And just how qualified we were, as a class, to be working on this project.

IUP has prepared us.

More than we may think.

It just took a little encouragement, a willing teacher and a little recognition to finally understand how prepared we are.

–Rita Kennedy


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