Goodbye, Syllabus

I hate public speaking more than anything in the entire world.

As a PR student, though, I felt as though I should learn to like it (or at least tolerate it).  I reluctantly signed up for Michele’s presentation making course even though I’d managed to avoid a public-speaking class throughout my high school and college years.

About halfway through the semester, Michele came into class and told us to toss the syllabus; that we were starting something new.  And thus, the strategic visioning project was born.

At first, I was really reluctant to join in on the effort. I was finally facing one of my biggest fears and then, just like that, we decided to abandon the effort (or so it seemed).  Facilitating a group, though, helped me conquer my fear in smaller doses than writing a speech and giving it in front of 30 of my peers.

Looking back, I really appreciate the opportunity that the SVP has given me, especially now that we’ve come back to the syllabus, even if just for a little bit.  I’m getting real-life experience in a public relations project while I can still learn to come to terms with my biggest fear.

Maybe taking a new route isn’t so bad after all.

— Emily Walter


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