I never thought about that until now


Today we were facilitated. Being on the other side of this project wasn’t what I expected. I didn’t realize that I haven’t really taken into consideration what I wanted to celebrate about IUP or what I thought made us distinctive. After listening to a few of my fellow classmates talk, it dawned on me.

There is a sense of community I think goes with being an IUP student. IUP is home to 14,000 plus students, and for some reason I feel like I know all of them. We have a sense of pride. We all love this school, and those who don’t love it usually leave. Maybe it came with spending every week of a full calendar year in Indiana, but I love this school the way a townie would.

What do I want celebrated? Greek life. Maybe it comes with being a sorority girl, but I want Greek life at IUP to thrive. We do so many great things for this school and for some reason no one wants to see that. If I had a dollar for the community service and philanthropy events I have done in the last 4 years I would be able to pay my tuition, but I don’t need praise. I just want the Greeks to be able to wear letters without being deemed a “partier.”

I am sure there are other things I could think of, but for today, these are my thoughts about IUP.

Hailey Crowley


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