Looking Into the Future

It’s almost impossible to believe that there’s only 16 days left in the semester. This equates to roughly 2 more Thursdays- two more chances we have to gather results for the Strategic Visioning Project. I’m hopeful for the future. I want to see this project grow and expand into something no one could’ve possibly expected. I want the results obtained from the project to MEAN something. I want to see a positive change made on behalf of the SVP.

Overall, I’d love to have the chance to facilitate another group before I leave IUP in May. I actually greatly enjoyed being able to communicate with students about something we all have in common: the state, and image, of IUP. I plan to keep up with the project once I’m done with Michele’s Presentation Making class. I want to ensure that the work our class has done has meaning. If we manage to improve IUP for the future, we can hope to leave behind a beneficial legacy.

So, here’s to my class’ involvement in SVP and to the future success of the program. I have high hopes for this project for the future; hopefully we accomplish what we set out to do and more.

-Kristen Gilmartin


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