Making a difference

There are few moments in life where we are presented with the opportunity to truly change something larger than yourself.
Of course, we make decisions every day to change ourselves; we put the time in to learn something new, cut our hair, apply to an intimidating internship.

But opportunities like the one we are presented with now, an opportunity to make our university better than it was when we got here, are of that rare breed.

That’s why I’m excited to pursue this project.

There are a lot of stigmas attached to Indiana University of Pennsylvania: we’re  a party school, we’re not as good as Penn State, or we’re a school of losers and hicks.

But ask anyone who goes here, and they’ll tell you that those things aren’t true. Every school is a party school, we offer incredible programs, some of which rival and surpass Penn State, and the students of this university are not losers or hicks.

Well, there are a lot of hicks.

But they’re not just hicks! They’re people interested in their education, who want to pursue knowledge and become something more. And that’s commendable.

This is an opportunity to change those stigmas. To ‘rebrand’ IUP accurately, and show people our vision. To show them the student’s vision, the faculty’s vision, and the administrators vision.

Let’s be honest. None of those people listed above have anything to gain from working at, or attending a sub-par school. They strive to make IUP a better place, to maximize opportunities and exceed expectations, to use the outdated and flawed slogan of our university.

So let’s show what these people have been working for.

Let’s tell the world about our vision, and about the what we have done to strive for excellence.

This is our opportunity. Let’s take it.

-Dave Gershgorn


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