One of the most difficult questions that has been asked during this process has been, “What would you like to see IUP celebrate at its sesquicentennial?”

IUP will celebrate its sesquicentennial, or 150th anniversary, in 2025. Most students and individual’s reaction is, “That’s 12 years from now! What do I care is happening that far down the road?”

While it’s easy to toss away a question like that base on such an extended timeline, not many realize how long it takes to affect change within a organization such as a university or the community at large. Decisions for a university can’t be made on a whim, especially ones that deal with the type of large-scale change some people want to see. A reputation isn’t built over a month, or several months, but rather several years. The decisions to change class structures or permanently add new classes to a curriculum must be tested over several semesters. Monetary decisions are considered before different boards of administration members over a period of time before the get the thumbs up or the thumbs down.

The sooner we can get a grasp on what we want to see at IUP, the sooner we can get the wheels rolling on those changes. A desired change now may only become visible 12 years from now.

So don’t shy away from a question simply because 12 years seems like too long a time to look ahead. Put yourself in your parent’s shoes. What were you denied during your time at IUP that simply wasn’t available that could benefit your children? Take the time to envision the IUP of the future.

-Jeremy Hartley


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