The Other Side

Usually every Thursday we facilitate others, talk to them, listen to their opinions, and record their thoughts.  This Thursday, along with others outside of the class being spoken to, we’re also going through this process. The students who will not be able to work on this strategic visioning plan this summer, myself included, were asked the questions we usually are asking. It’s different being on the other side.

We are all used to making the conversation move along smoothly and making sure everyone receives their turn to speak and share their opinions. Tonight we were responsible for having and sharing those opinions. It was not as easy as we thought it was, sometimes it’s like pulling teeth when speaking to others about this plan, and it becomes tiring and frustrating. Since it is so frustrating you would think we would be willing to speak, and try our best to make the facilitators lives easy. That was not the case in the beginning; we were less than chatty, and not very willing to share.

Although the facilitators did a great job, it was difficult to gain information and opinion from us. In my opinion it’s because, we are all so use to facilitating the conversations, and never sitting down and being asked the questions. Although there was a good conversation happening by the end of the session, it took a while to get there. It is very different being on the other side of things.

-Allison Scrudato


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