Time to be facilitated

After spending weeks of facilitating strangers, other students, faculty members and community members, we ourselves were facilitated by our classmates. It was difficult at first to come up with original ideas and thoughts after listening to so many other peoples’ thoughts about IUP now and our future.

After a few minutes of silence and generic answers, the classroom was buzzing with conversation about what they want to see from IUP at the 2025 celebration. Being mostly journalism students, the class was the most passionate about the idea of a combined journalism and communication media department to unite the writers with the techies.

As a class, we agreed that IUP has a close-knit feeling, especially in the smaller departments like journalism where professors know students by name and students call professors by their first names.

The students had different ideas about what sets IUP apart from other schools, what our strengths and weaknesses are, how we can work with both strengths and weaknesses to make IUP better in the future.

-Alese Klemens


One thought on “Time to be facilitated

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