Twelve years from now…


Junene Taylor

When facilitating, I find that many people draw a blank when it comes to the question of “What do you want to see IUP celebrate at its sesquicentennial?”

This question was the easiest one for me to answer when I was facilitated, as I am a future focused individual. IUP is a great university but there are many changes that we can implement that can make our future Alma Mater an even better place.

When people say that they don’t care about the future of IUP, I don’t understand it. IUP has been our home for 3, 4, 5+ years. How can you not care about the place that helped mold you into the amazing person that you become after spending so much time here?

I think that in 12 years, when we are back on campus celebrating IUPs’ sesquicentennial, everyone will have an opinion then. Unfortunately at that point it will be too late and the changes will have already taken place!

So I am glad I had the opportunity to share my opinion and let my voice be heard, and hopefully when I return I will see the changes that IUP could definitely benefit from.

-Junene Taylor



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