A Senior Participant’s Final Comments

Kristen Gilmartin

Kristen Gilmartin

I realize that, this time next week, I will have completely finished my IUP experience. What does this leave me with in terms of the strategic visioning project? A bit of regret, I’ll be honest. I wish I had been more active in this project; I wish that I had facilitated more. However, at the time, it really didn’t cross my mind that my time was dwindling and I would soon be no longer able to participate in this project.
Fortunately, I feel that we will be leaving the project in good hands. I think there will be improvements made to the project and, most importantly, advancements. Those associated with Michele Papakie will have a good leader behind them, someone who will make sure that they take charge and make the project beneficial.
I’m not worried about the state of the project as it stands for the future. I think we’ve all done a great job and this is something we should continue to remember whether we’re graduating or returning to IUP next year. This was a special experience and we were all certainly fortunate to be a part of it.

Kristen Gilmartin


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