Fascinating Facilitation!


Tia Kordell

Greetings all! I had the most wonderful experience facilitating a small group discussion last week and I feel I need to share it with the world!

As a part of Dr. Papakie’s Presentation Making class, I have helped facilitate discussions with IUP publics about various IUP topics all semester. The session last Thursday was the most gratifying and eye opening yet.

Two of my classmates and I led a discussion with about eight people, including faculty, administration and students from different majors. The participants offered varying and valuable ideas, perspectives and critiques. At several points, faculty members and students agreed on revolutionary ideas, finding common ground through their love of IUP. They bounced ideas and thoughts across the circle, bridging generations and finding common ground where there were previously assumed opposite mentalities.

A few of the faculty members were very long term. They spoke of such pride, love and dedication to IUP. The hour and 20 minutes ended in a flash, leaving us with quality information for the Strategic Visioning Plan and a reassurance of the quality of education I am receiving at IUP

I have loved being a part of the IUP Strategic Visioning Plan because it has forced me to find the views of genres of people I normally wouldn’t. I am excited to leave my print on IUP and give back to an institution that has given me so much.

Tia Kordell


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