Leading the president

Caleb Murphy

Caleb Murphy

On Thursday, I went to a meeting where some people, including President Driscoll, sat around a long wooden table. A normal meeting by appearance, except that I led the people, including the president, in a discussion for the SVP.

The people – an assortment of IUP faculty – together made the Athletic Advisory Committee. The members offered their opinions much more freely and with less brevity than the groups of students we had talked to before. They weren’t afraid to speak.

(However, when we started to discuss the W in the SWOT analysis – Weaknesses – I felt the people shift in their seats and the building’s pipes creak. I’m guessing  it was because of the president’s presence. Though eventually, people spoke their minds).

I think the discussion went well – the Process Manager managed things, and I could hear the Note-Taker typing away on his laptop.

President Driscoll didn’t say much, besides a few humorous remarks, but I could feel him there. What a way to break in a rookie discussion-leader…

Caleb Murphy


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