I Swear.. I’m Not A Telemarketer.

Melissa Esing

Melissa Esing

I always look forward to spending my summers at home. I’m from the King of Prussia area, which is about 30-45 minutes outside of Philadelphia. (No, I’m not a fan of any Philadelphia sports teams. Pittsburgh, all the way.)

I had a lot of mixed feelings toward staying in Indiana all summer. Many of them came from the uneasy feeling of not having many peers left around Indiana. I was also unsure about how the balance of two internships and an online class would work out. As of now, everything seems to be balancing out nicely.

So far in the Strategic Visioning Project, I’ve been making a lot of phone calls to different departments within IUP and scheduling meeting dates. Phone calls typically aren’t my specialty. I’m the type of person that has to leave the room when I’m ordering pizza from Dominos.

The phone calls are such a small step in a large process. Setting up dates for three students to attend meetings and facilitate really makes me think about how much bigger this project is going to get, and it’s exciting. It’s awesome to hear the enthusiasm of the phone call recipients. No one is treating the calls as if they’re from an annoying telemarketer. They’re all eager about contributing to the efforts of this project.



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