Testing, Testing, One Two Three… Is This Thing On?

Brittany Madera

Brittany Madera

Although we haven’t figured out an exact time for a radio program, it seems like we’ll be able to get some airtime on WIUP-FM 90.1 this summer.

And I’m in charge of the show.

Okay, so I’m a little nervous, especially since I’ve never done anything with radio before. I love listening to radio talk shows, but I never imagined that I would ever be put in charge of one.

More than anything though, I’m excited. I’m proud to be a part of IUP’s strategic visioning project, and I want as many people as possible to know about it. We need to start promoting SVP on as many media platforms as possible, and radio needs to be represented. More people who know about this and get involved with our focus groups means more people whose voices are being heard in our data.

Besides that, I know that it’s something from which I can learn and grow. I want to be able to be more comfortable explaining things and talking to groups. What’s a better way to hone my skills than to jump headfirst into running a radio show?

My goals:

  • Airtime on WIUP-FM 90.1 at least once a week, hopefully on Mondays, to talk about the events for the upcoming week
  • Gathering guests to speak about what we’re doing, what we have done and why strategic visioning is so important to a university
  • Letting listeners know that their voice should be heard in this process and alerting them on how they can give us their feedback
  • Talking about the challenges of doing an extensive project like this, as well as what students working on this project have learned so far from the experience
  • Allowing those who have already been part of a focus group talk about how the focus groups are run, how long it takes and their impressions of the project

I’ll be sure to update whenever I hear what specific days and times we can use for airtime.

In the meantime, does anyone have any tips for someone who’s going to be on the radio for the first time? How do I run a radio program, and what do people want to hear when they tune in?


3 thoughts on “Testing, Testing, One Two Three… Is This Thing On?

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