You Know, They Tell Me I Have the Perfect Face for Radio

I traveled to the basement of Davis Hall yesterday to talk with Lacey Fulton about setting up our hour on the radio.

Brittany Madera

Brittany Madera

The more I think about the show we’ll be doing, the more excited I get. And after talking with Lacey about the possibilities of what we could do and things we could include, I’m anxious to get this radio show on the road.

Starting June 24, I’ll be in charge of hosting an hour-long radio program. Be sure to listen for us every Monday from 3 to 4 p.m. on WIUP-FM, 90.1.

It won’t just be me though. After all, who would want to listen to an hour of me talking about the Strategic Visioning Project? Instead, I’ll be talking with other people who are working on the project and people who have taken part in the focus groups.

I was a little worried before about how we would be able to fill up an entire hour. However, it seems like it will be a lot easier than I thought. Not only will there be plenty of people to talk with and subjects to cover, but Lacey told me that we’ll also be in charge of playing the “radio call identification” every ten minutes along with occasional pre-recorded public service announcements. So not all of that hour is actually our time.

Beyond that, the people at the station also mentioned that we could just play some music if we felt that we couldn’t cover the whole hour.

WIUP-FM 90.1

WIUP-FM 90.1 – The room where all the magic will happen.

Lacey also mentioned that the station might also be able to play small advertisements about what we’re doing if they have any dead space on the air. I’m thinking that we could come up with a short sound bite that explains what we’re doing, why people should get involved and who to contact.

Overall, I’m feeling really confident about doing this. I can’t wait until I can start on it.

Take a look at some of the previous ideas for what we could do for the radio show in my last post about it.

What do you think? Anything that we could do during our hour-long radio show that we haven’t thought of?

Also, what should we name the program? It needs a title! I’m terrible at naming things. (I have a male cat whose name is, what else, “Boy Cat.” How creative.)

Leave a comment and let us know what we could name our new show.


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