‘Be Smarter Than the Printer’

Kelly Dumrauf

Kelly Dumrauf

Avery told me that making my own business cards would be “easy” and “customizable.” Four hours later, the clean edge business cards we purchased in order to hand out to potential contacts, are still in the envelope they came in.

Not easy. Not customizable.

Let’s start at the  beginning. About two months ago, during our Presentation Making class, I designed business cards for us to have printed. Now, about two weeks into the summer we’re finally getting around to printing them.

Avery’s website said it would be quick and easy to design my card online. Lies. Apparently Avery hasn’t heard of copy and paste. So, an hour later I had finally recreated the design in whatever software Avery was using…time to print!

Easier said than done.

Apparently our fancy printer doesn’t like business cards and has taken a liking to eating them…ripping the page apart and strewing the pieces throughout the machine. The printer also doesn’t like paper that isn’t “correctly loaded into bypass tray…”

Needless to say, the printer and I are no longer friends.


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