We’ve Only Just Begun

After reading all the PASSHE mission statements in week one, going into my first facilitation of IUP faculty, I had a pretty good idea of what I expected to hear. Maybe it was the group we were facilitating, but regardless, I left the meeting with more information than I had expected.

Every group we go to, whether students or faculty or alumni, will give us something the previous group hadn’t. Every forum we go through will bring different answers. Every time one of our team memebers takes the lead the conversation will go somewhere else. Just when we think we have all the information we will get, we are going to get surprised with a different reason why IUP is distinctive.

Week one started out scary for me. I was confused how the next 12 weeks were going to be helpful when I felt we had already done so much and were bound to hit a wall soon. Rest assured, My head is back on tight and I am positive we haven’t made a dent into the publics we need to. But we will.

Twelve weeks from now, when we hand President Driscoll the strategic visioning plan we have spent the summer preparing, it will be the best thing we could make it. This team is incredible, and we have no where to go from here but up.

-Hailey Crowley


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