A Different Type of Input


Melissa Esing

Today was the facilitation with the EMC directors. This is the first time I’ve spoken with administrators, and it was a lot different than what I was expecting. The atmosphere was very relaxed. Each person had a lot to contribute, and the discussion lasted for almost an hour.  In my opinion, speaking with staff and administrators of IUP and hearing their input is a little more easier than speaking with students. The administrators have a lot more to say about it, as opposed to some of the students that speak to us for extra credit. Don’t get me wrong though, gathering  the input from both parties is crucial.

I’m looking forward to speaking with more faculty, staff and administrators throughout the summer. I’d like to hear the comparisons between each of their contributions.



One thought on “A Different Type of Input

  1. It’s weird how different and similar all these meetings can be. I really enjoy talking with the faculty and administration because it seems like they can speak about a wider range of topics than the students can. However, it still feels like these are some common themes, doesn’t it? — Britt

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