Amazing opportunities IUP offers students

Katie Trenney

Blessed.  Proud.  Thankful.  Fortunate.  Excited.

Those were just some of the feelings that came over me this morning as I took notes in a meeting with eight employees at the Kovalchick Complex (the new athletic complex on campus).

As our conversation progressed, the interviewees began talking about the opportunities IUP has to offer, the ways IUP helps its students, and how well IUP prepares students for the “real world.”

I began to think about the opportunities that IUP has blessed me with.

As a freshman, I had a job on campus working in the box office in the Hadley Union Building.  After a year at the box office, I transferred to work in the Office of University Events.  This office works for the university president, Dr. Driscoll.  We are in charge of planning and carrying out his events.  During my two years with university events, I have been involved with Dr. Driscoll’s inauguration, basketball and football pregame receptions, commencement ceremonies, lunches and dinners honoring faculty and staff, and many, many other events.  Currently, I’m working with an amazing team of journalism students and Dr. Papakie to gather information for the Strategic Visioning Plan.  This is a job that has never been for undergraduate students before.  I believe that our entire team feels blessed and thankful for this wonderful opportunity.  We are also overwhelmed with excitement to see all of our hard word pay off in the final product!

During the spring of my sophomore year at IUP, I was selected to be an IUP Ambassador.  This organization serves as the connection between incoming students, current students, and alumni, and we are run through the alumni relations office.  We are a group of diverse students who have many different skills and interests, and somehow we all fit together like pieces of a puzzle.  It amazes me that I’m fortunate enough to be part of such a special and talented group.

As I look forward to my senior year, I’m excited to be interning at the Kovalchick Complex (KCAC).  I will be working with businesses around Indiana who have promotional deals with the KCAC, writing announcements for basketball games, writing contracts, and helping with the planning and carrying out of conferences/events that come to the KCAC.

IUP has blessed me with the opportunity to receive hands-on experience.  What has your university done for you?


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