This is Mine

Our SVP team is a bag of skittles. I don’t mean that in the sense that some of us are better than the others, because if that was the case I think we would all be reds because clearly that’s the best color but that’s besides the point, we are just so different in a great way.

With this project, there are many elements that you need to be paying attention to all at once. It’s very overwhelming when you actually stand back and pull yourself into the outside looking in. That being said, we have an eclectic group and everyone has a different strength we can capitalize on. Some like research, while others, like myself, shine with branding.

Rewind two years ago, when I first had Michele in class, to my social media public relations lecture. We had the task of “branding” ourselves throughout the internet. This summer I have been finding myself using all those tools I learned then and implementing them for the strategic visioning project. The hardest thing we keep facing is getting involvement, but it’s not for lack of effort. Our twitter has 72 followers, which although is small, has grown day to day. We have a strong hashtag that is beginning to get recognition through local twitter accounts and our Facebook page is thriving with our blog posts. We have even begun to branch to Vine, a six second video app, to show day to day tasks our team has. It keeps us sane and gets our name out there.

This is our generation and this is how we learned to work. Social media is growing everyday, and luckily I grew up learning how to grow with it. Everyday websites once used for self vanity are now playing a huge role in my professional life. When you see an IUPSVP hashtag, just remember, that’s us.

-Hailey Crowley


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