Let’s make it hotter in here

faculty thermostatWe have a thermostat hanging in the IUP SVP Command Center. Not for temperature — for faculty.

Let me explain. Faculty are crucial to IUP. We want their input. We invite everybody, especially IUP faculty, to tell us what they think. All for the future of IUP.

So far, 25 IUP faculty members have given us their support in the form of opinions. We’re shooting for 258, a statistically relevant fraction of all IUP faculty.

Why the thermostat? To measure the number of faculty.

Help us heat up the Command Center. Let faculty know we want to hear from them. If you are faculty, tell us what you think and help form the new vision for our university.

–Caleb Murphy


One thought on “Let’s make it hotter in here

  1. Faculty are probably my favorite kinds of people to interview at IUP. They can see more of the “big picture” than students can, but they’re still easy going and ready to talk about just about anything. I think they’re also genuinely surprised to see that undergraduates are stepping forward and playing such a big role in a project like this. — Britt

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