Evernote’s Learning Curve

Brittany Madera

Brittany Madera

None of us are entirely sure how to use Evernote yet, but I’m starting to get excited about all the things that we could do with it. We’re in the midst of learning how to take full advantage of the program. Emily’s taking the lead on this one, and she’s been showing us the ropes on how to neatly file everything that we are researching.

We’re not experts on Evernote, but we’re at least starting to learn.

It seems like this could put us on the track for publishing something in a peer-reviewed journal, which is pretty important for a project like this.

Our goal for IUP’s Strategic Visioning Project is to provide IUP with valuable input from faculty, students, staff and community members. However, we also know that this is an innovative project that needs to be researched, documented and synthesized.

Getting published in a peer-reviewed journal will show that IUP is serious about the quality of this project. Instead of just “winging it,” we truly have a dedicated staff that searches for other publications on how to run a project like this. We think about the ideas they present and add our own experiences as our first-hand research grows.

Evernote has helped us stay in touch with each other. We’re not all in the office at the same time, but now we’ve all been trained on Evernote and can add comments to the different scholarly articles and other universities’ strategic plans. Instead of just researching these things alone, we now act as a collaborative group, each of us playing off of each other’s ideas.

Since we’re just starting to learn about and use Evernote, we’re still learning. For a lot of us, we’re still unsure of exactly how to make use of all the things that Evernote can do. Until then, we’ll keep experimenting with the features while we’re researching how others have approached a project like this.


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