In the group discussions we host, many people say that IUP is “diverse” and that IUP’s “diversity” makes us unique.

Well, let’s see about that…

Below is the diversity — the “ethnic breakdown” — of IUP…

And here is the gender breakdown…

What do you think? Is IUP diverse? Is that what makes us unique?

You can comment below, or sign up for a group interview to tell us what you think.

–Caleb Murphy


3 thoughts on “diVeRSitY?

  1. Going by these standards, no, we don’t appear to be that diverse. But thankfully lots of things affect how people think and view the world, like socioeconomic class, sexual orientation, religion/belief systems, and more. What I like about IUP is the diversity of thought. There are lots of white females that are very different from me in their thinking, even though we look the same, and that’s awesome! -Em

  2. If we’re looking at it by just race and gender, no, then we’re not as diverse as some other campuses. However, we keep hearing over and over in these focus groups that we’re diverse.

    Emily’s right. I think people know that it’s not just the color of someone’s skin or their nationality that brings something different to the table.

    I just wrote a blog post on this and am waiting for it to get published on here. Look out for it soon. — Britt

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