Radio Stardom, Here We Come!

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We were on WIUP-FM 90.1 again, and this time went much better.

You never realize how much energy it takes to talk by yourself for an hour until you do it. And then, once I had other people down in the radio station studio with me, I was eager to hand off a lot of the talking to them.

We learned how to play songs on their equipment as well, which helped out. It gave us a chance to shut our mics off, catch our breaths or have a drink of water, think about what we could be doing better and talk about what we should mention next.

The hour went by quickly, and I think we’re all excited. We have big plans in the works for our next time.

Remember, we’ll be on next Monday, July 8, from 3 – 4 p.m. on WIUP-FM 90.1. Be sure to listen in. We’ll be having a contest that involves our listeners calling into the radio station! Chat with us about what makes IUP special.

-Brittany Madera


3 thoughts on “Radio Stardom, Here We Come!

  1. You have such a wealth of opportunities within IUP to draw in guest speakers! Maybe you could pull in people from the various student organizations such as “The Entertainment Network” or “The Discovery Club” to tell about all the fun activities planned on and around campus. The Theater & Dance Department, The Lively Arts, and Theater by the Grove could describe their upcoming performances.

    The non-profit organizations like Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross, and “TOST and Turned” could tell people about their missions and projects. ECO (Environmentally Conscious Organization) could talk about how IUP is addressing some of the environmental issues of today.

    Members of the International Student Organizations could share their perspective of life in America and could tell about their countries. You could also have various IUP students who have studied abroad tell about their experiences and offer advice to other students considering a semester abroad. The Office of International Education and Global Ambassadors could help put you in contact with students. The Conversation Club and International Friendship Program could describe how they facilitate new friendships between IUP students and the international students.

    Alpha Gamma Delta does the Mr. IUP competition as a philanthropic project to raise funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and the Founders Memorial Foundation. Maybe you could have a list of questions that you could ask the Mr. IUP contestants.

    Voices of Joy or other singing groups or individuals could share their vocal talents on air. You could also promote a singing competition.

    You could ask some of the participants from the “Ideas and Issues Series” to debate on air.

    Here is a link to the various organizations at IUP:

    Service Learning could be another great discussion topic.

    Members of Upward Bound could talk about the program and their experiences.

    I will try to give other suggestions as I think of them.

    • Lisa,

      These are great ideas. We’ll definitely bounce all your ideas off of Brittany, the show’s host. And we’re checking out those links — great stuff.

      Thanks a lot! Let us know when you think of more ideas…


  2. Hey, Lisa! (This is my sister, guys!)

    It’s hard to get people to do a whole lot with any part of the project because it’s summer. Most of the students are gone for right now. We’re working on being able to do call-ins though, so hopefully we can get more people to speak with us on-air even if they’re not in Indiana.

    Lisa is an IUP alumna too, so I’m not surprised she has so many ideas for us. She’s my favorite idea-person.

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