Radio and Paparazzi



In the beginning of this internship, I blogged about being THAT person that has to leave the room to order pizza on the phone, due to embarrassment and laughing. This past Monday, I found out that I get that same feeling from talking on the radio. Yes, the radio.

Four of us had the opportunity to host IUP SVP’s radio hour. Every time I was able to give my input, I couldn’t quite get all of the words out that I wanted to. My mind went blank quite a few times. This is just one of those things that’s going to take some repetition, like the phone calls. At this point, I don’t have much of a problem anymore with contacting IUP faculty, staff, etc. to speak about IUP SVP. I have no doubts that in time, I’ll have a lot more fun with this radio hour and be able to break out of my shell…a little.

(I’ll also have to get used to having the paparazzi (Juliette) capture everything during the show.)



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