A Trenney Tradition

Let me take you back…

May 6, 1992.  8:27 p.m.  Indiana hospital. I, Katie Lee Trenney, entered the world.  I was given the Trenney family middle name (Lee), had brown hair and brown eyes — growing up I was always told that I looked exactly like my dad and his sister, my Aunt Gina.  On May 6, 1992, I was born into the Trenney family.


All of the Trenney’s in Hawaii

BUT.  I was also born into the IUP family.  I was raised with a love for the university.  When I was little, my dad was the athletic trainer for IUP Football.   I remember playing on the sidelines while he worked at practices, and running through the halls of the Memorial Field House.  I attended my first IUP Football game when I was just five months old.

IUP has always been a Trenney Tradition.  My parents, my sister, my sister’s long-term boyfriend, and six of my aunts and uncles attended and graduated from IUP.  Currently, my dad is an IUP professor and my Uncle Frank is the athletic trainer for IUP Football and Women’s Basketball.

My family was able to use the education they earned at IUP to become successful in their careers.  My mom and Aunt Gina are teachers in Derry Area School District, my sister is a third-grade teacher at a private school in Atlanta, my Uncle Don owns a restaurant, Trenney’s Grille, in Hopewell, Pa., my Aunt Karen is a nurse at Allegheny Regional Hospital, my Aunt Lynn is a nutritionist in Pittsburgh, and my sister’s boyfriend, Ray, just completed his master’s degree in economics at the University of Georgia.

Emily Trenney ('11), Amy Trenney ('83 and '84), Ray Edwards ('11), Karen Trenney ('81), Ron Trenney ('83), Gina (Trenney) Yanoff ('94), Don Trenney ('80), Lynn (Cappellino) Trenney ('80), and Frank Trenney ('92)

IUP Alumni:  Emily Trenney (’11), Amy Trenney (’83 and ’84), Ray Edwards (’11), Karen Trenney (’81), Ron Trenney (’83), Gina (Trenney) Yanoff (’94), Don Trenney (’80), Lynn (Cappellino) Trenney (’80), and Frank Trenney (’92)

A couple weeks ago, my family traveled to Hawaii.  I figured it was the perfect opportunity to talk to them about IUP SVP.  My Uncle Don couldn’t figure out why it was taking us so long to do this project, he thought he had much more efficient ideas to create a strategic visioning project.  Well, Uncle Don, feel free to take over!

My mom shared that she hates mission statements.  She thinks that they are simply words on paper and never really reflect the institution.  I loved this comment because that is exactly what we are trying to avoid! It made me feel like all of our work will pay off, and all of our interviewing will help us create a mission statement that WILL reflect the values and goals of our university.

Once my family understood what we were actually doing, they were excited about it and seemed impressed that I was working on such an important project!

Looking towards my senior year, I am thrilled to be the next Trenney to graduate from IUP and I hope to share the tradition with my own family in the future.



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