Wait…this isn’t a kids ride?!

“I wanna ride a rollercoaster!! I wanna ride a rollercoaster!! Let’s go ride Phantom’s Revenge!!!”

You could probably hear me yelling about how much I wanted to ride a big rollercoaster the entire way across Kennywood Park on Sunday.

I hadn’t been to an amusement park since probably 2010…it’s safe to say I was like a little kid on Christmas morning.  I was most excited to ride Phantom’s Revenge…one of the larger coasters at the park.  However, when my friends and I went to ride our first ride, we ended up in a long line for the Skyrocket.  Why were we about to ride some dinky rollercoaster when there were bigger and better options?!

While waiting in line, I was sure that this particular coaster was nothing special. I had never even heard of it before, and becasue it was located right inside the parks entrance I figured it wasn’t going to be too exciting…it’s probably just like a kids rollercoaster, right?!  HA.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.

One of the loops on the Skyrocket

One of the loops on the Skyrocket

 When it finally came my turn to ride, I climbed into the car and started wondering how long the line was going to be for Phantom’s Revenge when…BAM! We quickly took off, the car flying up and down the slopes of the coaster and flipping upside down on the large loops.  I was screaming and laughing the entire way through the ride.  By the end, I’m sure that my breath had legitimately been taken away.  I had definitely underestimated this ride…it wasn’t a kids ride at all!! Silly me.

Sunday, July 21, was the sixth annual IUP Kennywood Day at Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh.  Kennywood Day is sponsored by the IUP Alumni Association.  All of the IUP community (students, faculty, staff, administrators and alumni) are invited to this event.  The Alumni Association offers discounted tickets to the park, an ice cream social in the afternoon and a raffle with great prizes and encourages everyone to wear their IUP gear to the park that day.

I attended this event with a group of IUP Ambassadors.  At the ice cream social we helped serve ice cream, hand out raffle tickets and take pictures of IUP pride throughout the park.  The social provided a great atmosphere for networking and a chance to cool off from walking through the park in the hot, summer sun.  After the social, everyone is encouraged to continue their day in the park.

Overall, everyone had a great day at Kennywood!  The IUP SVP team also attended and got a chance to talk to some alumni about our project and what makes IUP distinctive.  I’m already looking forward to attending next years event.

If you’re affiliated with IUP and you’re interested in learning more about
the events the IUP Alumni Association sponsors,
check them out at www.iup.edu/alumni

IUP Ambassadors at IUP Kennywood Day

IUP Ambassadors at IUP Kennywood Day


One thought on “Wait…this isn’t a kids ride?!

  1. That was way too much fun, and I can’t wait until I can go to the next one. It’s events like this that would keep me in touch with the IUP Alumni Association. It was nice to see that many people there, even if I didn’t know a lot of them.

    Plus, you know, roller coasters.

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