It’s Almost Over?!

After a week-long hiatus for vacation, I was welcomed back to the command center to a dismal feeling. As August approaches (TWO DAYS!) our team is beginning to be disbanded. Our internship required 200 hours of each of us, and although a few of us have worked fewer hours due to other commitments or jobs, some of our team has logged enough to be finished by the end of the week.

What does this mean? Well, for starters, Michele is freaking out. I am sure it’s only because she has separation anxiety, and she has grown so attached to us that the thought of us leaving scares her. Yup, must be it. However, for the rest of us, it means losing valuable assets to the team. I have no doubt that we will be able to pick up where they leave off, but it’s kind of scary to realize that this summer is coming to an end.

We have worked hard for the last couple months. Although it may seem unsettling right now, our team disbanding just leaves room for the rest of us to step up to the plate. I think we did a great job of showcasing our skills thus far, but this will take the remainder of us further outside our comfort zones.

With three more weeks for me, I plan on making the most of what we have left. It’s terrifying when the date is in front of you, but to have the due date merely a couple weeks away,  sends me into a pit of anxiety. It’s time to show Michele just what we are made of. We got this.

-Hailey Crowley


“The radio doesn’t have viewers, Hailey.”

ImageWe have tackled two weeks as a radio team. Somehow we have gone an entire hour both times with only a few stumbles (and thanks to me a few country songs.)

Contrary to my past beliefs, radio isn’t easy. Even with three other interns down in the room, it’s not simple to pull off rapport. I thought going into the whole situation that since we are pretty outgoing people it would be fun and easy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great time. We are really good as a group, and we share a lot of laughs during downtimes in the show.

So what’s the problem? Interest. We have stories, we have explanations and we have plenty of questions we can answer. The problem we keep facing is the fact that we can’t sit on radio for an hour every Monday and say the same things if we want to keep an audience. Maybe it has been poor planning on our part, but I think we are just thinking inside the box too much.

We decided after a few technical glitches this week that we need to set up a better outline for next time. I don’t think it’s a bad idea, and I am really excited for the next show.

Regardless of how smooth it goes every time, we are getting the chance to experience a whole new venue for this project. I wouldn’t have guessed at the beginning of this project I would be on the radio mid-summer. No matter the number of listeners, I’m gaining valuable knowledge for my future. I don’t think I could rave anymore about this internship, but I’m sure I will a few more times before it’s over.

-Hailey Crowley

Hailey Crowley, Brittany Madera and Melissa Esing on WIUP-FM 90.1

Radio Stardom, Here We Come!

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We were on WIUP-FM 90.1 again, and this time went much better.

You never realize how much energy it takes to talk by yourself for an hour until you do it. And then, once I had other people down in the radio station studio with me, I was eager to hand off a lot of the talking to them.

We learned how to play songs on their equipment as well, which helped out. It gave us a chance to shut our mics off, catch our breaths or have a drink of water, think about what we could be doing better and talk about what we should mention next.

The hour went by quickly, and I think we’re all excited. We have big plans in the works for our next time.

Remember, we’ll be on next Monday, July 8, from 3 – 4 p.m. on WIUP-FM 90.1. Be sure to listen in. We’ll be having a contest that involves our listeners calling into the radio station! Chat with us about what makes IUP special.

-Brittany Madera

This is Mine

Our SVP team is a bag of skittles. I don’t mean that in the sense that some of us are better than the others, because if that was the case I think we would all be reds because clearly that’s the best color but that’s besides the point, we are just so different in a great way.

With this project, there are many elements that you need to be paying attention to all at once. It’s very overwhelming when you actually stand back and pull yourself into the outside looking in. That being said, we have an eclectic group and everyone has a different strength we can capitalize on. Some like research, while others, like myself, shine with branding.

Rewind two years ago, when I first had Michele in class, to my social media public relations lecture. We had the task of “branding” ourselves throughout the internet. This summer I have been finding myself using all those tools I learned then and implementing them for the strategic visioning project. The hardest thing we keep facing is getting involvement, but it’s not for lack of effort. Our twitter has 72 followers, which although is small, has grown day to day. We have a strong hashtag that is beginning to get recognition through local twitter accounts and our Facebook page is thriving with our blog posts. We have even begun to branch to Vine, a six second video app, to show day to day tasks our team has. It keeps us sane and gets our name out there.

This is our generation and this is how we learned to work. Social media is growing everyday, and luckily I grew up learning how to grow with it. Everyday websites once used for self vanity are now playing a huge role in my professional life. When you see an IUPSVP hashtag, just remember, that’s us.

-Hailey Crowley

We’ve Only Just Begun

After reading all the PASSHE mission statements in week one, going into my first facilitation of IUP faculty, I had a pretty good idea of what I expected to hear. Maybe it was the group we were facilitating, but regardless, I left the meeting with more information than I had expected.

Every group we go to, whether students or faculty or alumni, will give us something the previous group hadn’t. Every forum we go through will bring different answers. Every time one of our team memebers takes the lead the conversation will go somewhere else. Just when we think we have all the information we will get, we are going to get surprised with a different reason why IUP is distinctive.

Week one started out scary for me. I was confused how the next 12 weeks were going to be helpful when I felt we had already done so much and were bound to hit a wall soon. Rest assured, My head is back on tight and I am positive we haven’t made a dent into the publics we need to. But we will.

Twelve weeks from now, when we hand President Driscoll the strategic visioning plan we have spent the summer preparing, it will be the best thing we could make it. This team is incredible, and we have no where to go from here but up.

-Hailey Crowley