Radio and Paparazzi



In the beginning of this internship, I blogged about being THAT person that has to leave the room to order pizza on the phone, due to embarrassment and laughing. This past Monday, I found out that I get that same feeling from talking on the radio. Yes, the radio.

Four of us had the opportunity to host IUP SVP’s radio hour. Every time I was able to give my input, I couldn’t quite get all of the words out that I wanted to. My mind went blank quite a few times. This is just one of those things that’s going to take some repetition, like the phone calls. At this point, I don’t have much of a problem anymore with contacting IUP faculty, staff, etc. to speak about IUP SVP. I have no doubts that in time, I’ll have a lot more fun with this radio hour and be able to break out of my shell…a little.

(I’ll also have to get used to having the paparazzi (Juliette) capture everything during the show.)


Hailey Crowley, Brittany Madera and Melissa Esing on WIUP-FM 90.1

Radio Stardom, Here We Come!

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We were on WIUP-FM 90.1 again, and this time went much better.

You never realize how much energy it takes to talk by yourself for an hour until you do it. And then, once I had other people down in the radio station studio with me, I was eager to hand off a lot of the talking to them.

We learned how to play songs on their equipment as well, which helped out. It gave us a chance to shut our mics off, catch our breaths or have a drink of water, think about what we could be doing better and talk about what we should mention next.

The hour went by quickly, and I think we’re all excited. We have big plans in the works for our next time.

Remember, we’ll be on next Monday, July 8, from 3 – 4 p.m. on WIUP-FM 90.1. Be sure to listen in. We’ll be having a contest that involves our listeners calling into the radio station! Chat with us about what makes IUP special.

-Brittany Madera

A Different Type of Input


Melissa Esing

Today was the facilitation with the EMC directors. This is the first time I’ve spoken with administrators, and it was a lot different than what I was expecting. The atmosphere was very relaxed. Each person had a lot to contribute, and the discussion lasted for almost an hour.  In my opinion, speaking with staff and administrators of IUP and hearing their input is a little more easier than speaking with students. The administrators have a lot more to say about it, as opposed to some of the students that speak to us for extra credit. Don’t get me wrong though, gathering  the input from both parties is crucial.

I’m looking forward to speaking with more faculty, staff and administrators throughout the summer. I’d like to hear the comparisons between each of their contributions.


I Swear.. I’m Not A Telemarketer.

Melissa Esing

Melissa Esing

I always look forward to spending my summers at home. I’m from the King of Prussia area, which is about 30-45 minutes outside of Philadelphia. (No, I’m not a fan of any Philadelphia sports teams. Pittsburgh, all the way.)

I had a lot of mixed feelings toward staying in Indiana all summer. Many of them came from the uneasy feeling of not having many peers left around Indiana. I was also unsure about how the balance of two internships and an online class would work out. As of now, everything seems to be balancing out nicely.

So far in the Strategic Visioning Project, I’ve been making a lot of phone calls to different departments within IUP and scheduling meeting dates. Phone calls typically aren’t my specialty. I’m the type of person that has to leave the room when I’m ordering pizza from Dominos.

The phone calls are such a small step in a large process. Setting up dates for three students to attend meetings and facilitate really makes me think about how much bigger this project is going to get, and it’s exciting. It’s awesome to hear the enthusiasm of the phone call recipients. No one is treating the calls as if they’re from an annoying telemarketer. They’re all eager about contributing to the efforts of this project.